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Team Radiant Tales [R/T]

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Team Radiant Tales [R/T]

Post by Jai Hearts on March 15th 2015, 15:23

Once a year there is a golden month in area when many seek riches and glory,
So let me share with you this amazing story.
When this golden month ends many are left behind, their tales to be scattered to the winds,
However, there are those in area who continue to seek out adventures and fame.
Their tales grow to become a saga, united with one name,

Theme song :

Members List:

"Valent Avenger" Jai Hearts

"Plasma Dancer" Misaka Mikoto

"Devoted Knight" Lucius

"Zero Knight "MisterZ*

"Zypher Lancer" Weasel*

"Guardian of Fate" Scrappy

"vagabond of decadence"Pinkie Pie*

"Non-Existent" AnonPanda*

"Howling Gale"Galleon


"Howling Gale" Xross Heart

"Eternal Flame" Risingfenix

"unquenchable tempest" Icecreamphantom


*inactive or rarely on.

How To Join:
PM Jai Hearts for info on how to join.

Team Rules:
respect fellow members and fighter.
starting infighting can result in being kicked from the team.

Team Battle records:
number of times fought - team name - date last fought

1x Team Dragon Rulers [DR] 9/13/14
1x [ZK] La Famiglia di Zi Koannia 9/27/14
1x T Zero 10/12/14
3x New Team Asteroid NTA 10/18/14
1x Rave Fighters RF 10/25/14
2x Team Ultimate Flame 11/2/14
1x Neonic Souls NS 11/7/14
1x Team XHRT 11/8/14
4x Inferno hell IH 11/16/14
2x Team Divine Generation 12/22/14
4x[VG] Vongola 3/7/15
7x Team Masked Knights [MK] 3/1/15
1x Team Final Turn [FT] 1/2/2015
11x Divine Souls DS 3/14/15
1x Team Neo Genesis 1/5/15
13x Re-birth Darkness RD 2/22/15
3x Blazing Aurora 1/11/15
1x Team Galactical Revolution [GR] 1/11/15
16x Team Scarlet Hearts {SH} 3/15/15
6x Team Absolute Empire [AE] 3/14/15
1x [TCO] The Chosen Order 2/7/15
3x Team Genesic Braves 2/13/15
5xThe Falsebound Kingdom (FbK) 3/13/15
2x Exceeds 3/13/15
1x Team Cats Circus

Team Battle rules:
you are allowed to challenge any team as long as there is enough members to fight.
when writting a report of your tb keep it to only wins and loses.
we wont really keep track of wins or loses, but we will keep track of teams we fought and what date we fought.


Tournaments that are played once a month.
Current Champion: Vacant


A daily challenge in which two subteams fight for supremacy for 30 days.

The goal is collect as many points as possible and in the end of the month, the team with the most points is crowned the champion and to add insult to injury the winning team is allowed to exchange anyone from there side for one fighter of there join from the other team.

you gain points by doing the following:
-Challenging and defeating another player 1pt
(allowed once per day, a player who has already challenged one player my not challange that same person again for 1 days)

-Fighting in a team battle 1pt

-Survive in a teambattle you have fought 1pt

-Being the fighter to play the last match in a team battle 1pt

-Sweeping all members of a team (3x total victory)pts

-winning a tournament 10pts

-Wining a gauntlet match  (2x total fighters)pts
(fighting 3 opponents from the other team and winning)

-Being the first to defeat a wanted player in a certain amount of time
(a bounty player starts with 2pts to collect and gains +2pts for each fighter he defeats however if a bouty is not defeated by the set time he/she will gain the points from his/her bounty.)

-If all members in a team battle are from the same team (2x total members)pts

-Rival:defeat challenge an opponent to a best of 3 match 5pts (once a day only)

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